let’s do this

what we need from you

then, what we do for you

Once What We Need From You is submitted, we’ll review and schedule a call with you to discuss, answer questions, and to share recommendations upon which the following final pieces will be produced:

  • Three Canva graphics templates based upon post-type categories, which will include:
    • Recommended font(s)
    • Recommended color palette
  • A sample of one story highlight cover (after review, set of three to be completed)
  • IG Profile Photo Refresh
  • FB Profile Photo Refresh
  • FB Cover (background) Photo Update
  • IG & FB Profile Descriptions

Edits will not be made to the final designs Fleurish provides client (see above). However, the client may share comments/questions for consideration. At Fleurish’s discretion, minor adjustments (aka tweaks) may be made at no additional charge. Additional edits would be billed separate from the mini makeover investment.

Have Questions?

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Are you loving what we’re doing, but want to discuss a customized package? Just give a holler, we’re happy to talk through what would be the best fit for you and your goals.