March Madness Driving you Mad?

Is March Madness Driving You Mad?

March madness is upon us! Crazy, right? It’s been nearly one-year since COVID consumed our lives– personally and professionally– as we approach the end of the first-quarter of 2021. 

Like our clients, we jumped into this year with enthusiasm, energy, and all sorts of new initiatives. And we were all optimistic and excited about the goals that would be achieved in ‘21! Yet, here we are with the second quarter looming and many haven’t ‘scored’ quite as much as they had hoped by now.

Generally, people jump into a new year with a robust game plan, but by February lose steam and goals fall by the wayside. This is why IRL gyms are typically crowded in January and memberships are being sold fire-sale style in March! However, 2021 is teaming with a different level of hope and opportunities for change. 

So, let’s run with this vibe into the next quarter of this extraordinary year! How? Well, amp-up your commitment and, most importantly, have a game plan that maps-out how you can achieve your goals— be they short- or long-term. 

Yep, sorry to say, setting goals isn’t enough. You indeed need a plan AND discipline! It’s all about the follow through, people!

Here are five tactics for setting yourself up for success as the second quarter fast approaches:

  1. Write down your goals. Obvious? Yes. Helpful? Absolutely!
  2. Assign dates or at least timeframes. This way, you can plan and execute accordingly. 
  3. Buddy-up with a colleague or fellow business owner for support and accountability.
  4. Make your goals reasonable and, therefore, attainable. Yes, you need to manage your own expectations.
  5. Tackle a series of short-term, quickly attainable goals that can be realized on a weekly of monthly basis, rather than daily (only breathing needs to occur as much!)
  6. Count the little wins. Taking steps, no matter how small, will still get you to the finish line.

And get your head in the game from the start, by infusing your plan for 2021 with reality and positivity!

  1. Ensure your goals are truly meaningful to YOU. 
  2. Give yourself time and the head space to execute your plan.
  3. Don’t be hypercritical of yourself and NEVER compare yourself to others.