Being Social as a Biz

You want your social to be, well,…social! It’s proven that accounts who interact with their audiences have a much more beneficial, meaningful and profitable relationships. But so many businesses struggle with finding a balance between making it personable without being too personal.

In nearly every how-to article you read, the advice is that one of the ways to differentiate yourself is to show your personality. And it’s true, your social feeds can’t be just pretty pictures, they need to tell the story of your business and your ‘why’. This is accomplished by combining a brand image and style that’s all your own, and it is also driven by a unique voice. A voice that tells your followers and customers, who YOU are. 

So why can’t my ‘why’ be an “I”?  Small businesses are their own animal–they are run often by sole proprietors or partnerships helming small teams of talent. Sometimes those teams operate in person, and some times (especially now, your team may be virtual). Even if you are an influencer, you are speaking on behalf of your brand. And your brand is not only the product of you–it’s the image of the collective that makes your Biz who you are. So, while you may be sitting here wondering…”but I am only me, so why should I say we,” the fact is, there are some compelling reasons– not the least of which is that it takes a village! So in effect, you as a business is a ‘we,’ and a ‘we’ offers more value than just an I… even if it’s just perception.

Great marketing messages speak about the audience, not just about the company behind the products or services being offered. The truth is your audience cares way less about you, and way more about how what you do can help to make their lives easier, and them feel better. Don’t believe us? Take it from Social Media Expert, Susan Gunelius, who says,“Your product or service is far less important than its ability to fulfill your customers’ needs. If your messages only talk about you, they’ll fail… Focus on benefits, not just features.” In order to engage in messaging that’s a success, put others first! Get started connecting in a personable way with your audience about their needs, instead of focusing on your own need for self promotion.