Here’s a secret: Don’t keep your business a secret.

Why aren’t you telling EVERYONE about your business?

Pssst… I’m going to let you in on a secret, but very successful, business strategy: DO NOT KEEP YOUR BUSINESS A SECRET! I know this may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many small businesses and folks with side-hustles aren’t communicating about– let alone promoting– their gigs! 

Now, there are a few reasons why this is the case. Some people think they need to keep their side-hustles hush-hush until it’s their primary focus (in some instances for fear of a perceived conflict of interest). There are also folks who don’t give themselves enough credit and think “nobody cares what I/my business has to say.” Then others assume people know about their businesses since, well, they’re friends or they’re located nearby. And you know what happens when you assume! So don’t be an insecure donkey! Tell people what you are up to! People are interested in small and/or new businesses, especially locally, particularly now, and they want to hear about it and support you!

Everyone is different, of course, but for most people it takes at least a few times of seeing or hearing something (meaning, the same thing) to absorb it. And now without the advantage of face-to-face time (in-person networking is off the table!), it’s even more critical to SHOUT who you are from the rooftops, or rather, from the safety of your home office via social media. Think of Instagram, Facebook, as well as your website and email list as your marketing megaphones!

If your business is going to succeed it can’t be a secret. You can’t just open your doors or launch a website and hope people will show up! They won’t! You need to communicate (repeatedly) via layered marketing tactics to drive people to your business– at least to learn about what you offer. You must hold their hands and take them there. One of the grass-roots-iest ways to do that is to tell people what you do!!! And by ‘telling,’ we mean communicate about it on social media, cross-promote with other related businesses, run ads, sponsor posts. If you’re doing stuff in the privacy of your home office and wondering why it’s not getting off the ground, it’s because you’re not sharing what you’re up to. 

Sharing what’s new (or these days, not so new) shouldn’t be reserved just for the counter person (bless them, really) at your favorite take-out spot, or outdoor restaurant that just reopened. You can safely and inexpensively promote what’s new with your business online.  Also, be sure to post on your personal social platforms, not just on your biz accounts. And don’t forget there’s text and email, too. 

At a time like this, you must not only share your “secret,” but ensure you’re making an extra effort to regularly and effectively communicate so you can cut through all the other noise being promoted. So again, people, don’t assume anyone knows about your biz or isn’t interested… get out there and tell a friend (or a few)!