The Skinny on Social Media

The Skinny on Social Media

Let’s start by discussing what social media for business IS NOT:

  1. It’s not a place to tell your life story. Your business’s story, yes. 
  2. It’s not a place for oversharing. Sharing valuable information about your products or services, yes.
  3. It’s not a place to share your every emotion or opinion.Your professional inspiration or motivation, yes. 
  4. It’s not a place to detail every part of your work day or project list. A space to exhibit a portfolio detailing your work, merchandise, and expertise, yes. 

Social media IS a MARKETING TOOL and, therefore, it IS a place for:

  • Educating your audience about your brand, mission and services.
  • Telling stories that your customers will find valuable.
  • Giving folks a peek behind-the-scenes (how-it’s-made) in a professional manner.
  • Providing content that speaks to your business’s goals and your audience.

Many business owners say posting on social media is overwhelming and time-consuming. And it’s true, it can be those things if there is no plan in place, no goals in mind and no understanding of how this marketing tool should be used. 

You see, the most effective social media marketing strategy includes, exactly that, STRATEGY. 

And as with any marketing initiative, a business’s approach to its social media strategy needs to be coordinated. Posting regularly, with consistent messaging that highlights your brand, services or expertise– not you or your life, personally– is the objective.

Approaching social media as an afterthought– posting on-the-fly– or from a personal, rather than a professional perspective is what can make it daunting and ineffective. So now that you know what this marketing tool is for, start to outline a content plan and a posting schedule– and stick to it. Of course, you can always tap-in to our professional services– we are social media mavens, afterall.