Being On

Being On…

Unlike “being on your game,” being on social media doesn’t mean you’re doing it
 well, or even actually doing it. So, what do we mean by doing it? Well, social
 media is a marketing tool. And using a tool correctly is just as important as using 
the “right” tool for the job to achieve the desired results.

That said, to market your business on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., you
 need to do more than be on social media. Simply creating accounts won’t secure 
followers, let alone customers. You need to be on social media promoting your 
business with well-written, catchy copy, and impactful visuals to grab people’s
 attention and, subsequently, engage with them.

And being the marketing mavens that we are, we’re offering you a trio of tips to
 help you more effectively use social media:

  1. Be Wise AND Witty
. When writing a caption, the lead-in (a.k.a. intro.) should be enticing
 and catchy, without overshadowing the main message. If you have
 to explain a joke, then it’s not that funny. Similarly, if the core of your 
message is lost in the anecdote, then you missed the mark and the
 opportunity to engage followers and customers.
  2. Be Clear AND Clever. If you’re post is going to engage anyone, then the message about
 what you are sharing, suggesting or selling needs to be direct. At
times, clever word-play can complicate a message, so don’t try too
hard. Keep the lead-in brief and the overall communication concise.
  3. BE Informative AND Interesting
. If your posts don’t educate your customers about your brand,
 services, expertise and/or products/projects, and offer value in a
 bite-size, eye-catching fashion, then people are likely to scroll past 
your message and not “click more.”

Finally, know what you don’t know and be okay with seeking professional
 marketing support. Being on social media in a worthwhile way can be more time-
consuming and challenging than your independent business can consistently,
 effectively manage— helpful tips or not!
 For most owners, it’s more valuable to focus expertise and energy on what they 
do best, which is running their businesses. Delegate what you don’t specialize in
to someone who does. You wouldn’t enlist a landscaper to remodel your kitchen.

And as a small, independent marketing agency, Fleurish Ink certainly appreciates 
that only so many hats can be worn simultaneously… and of those, only a few of
 them can be worn well!