Gushing over Guest Books

Wedding Wednesday: Getting your guest book write.

If you guys have a good sense of our style by now, you know that we have a loyalty to the traditional when it comes to weddings. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to throw in something fun and unexpected. In fact, we totally love when a couple embraces their personality and infuses it in a memorable way. So speaking of holding onto memories, we’re all about the guest book these days. There are so many ways to incorporate this classic keepsake into your celebration that we just can’t get enough. From the totally out of the box to the traditional, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Classic style

Nothing wrong at all with a classic guest book, that gets write to the point. We’ve recently launched a line of customizable guest books, which are available in flat or foil printing (or both), and are truly a keepsake that looks amazing on the day, and on your favorite coffee table, or bookshelf.


If you’re going to ask something of your guests, make it fun, and give them time (and space) to do it. We love this vintage print that F&T incorporated into their day. It’s a personalized design by Alexander and Co. And it’s really amazing. During cocktails, wedding guests signed the oversizes matte with well wishes to the lovely couple. This piece looks gorgeous on display during, and following, the celebration.

Lasting Impression

Bottles to open every anniversary–check! What an adorable idea. Keep them in your wine cellar or closet and pop them open when it’s time to toast your totally awesome day. They’re super pretty keepsakes, too. I’d love to see them displayed in a wine rack like this, and kept out on display, year-round.


Does your wedding day decor give a nod to vintage parisian? Do you and your beloved have the travel bug? Then this idea might be for you! We love when a guest book coordinates with a theme, like Jennifer and Harley’s. This jetsetting couple were engaged in Paris, and designed their decor with an eye for travel and Paris, including this collection of vintage postcards which they used as a guest book of-sorts. The couple asked for well wishes on cards, which were then placed in an aged and authentic travel case.  Photo: Martin Reardon